Giveaway – Log Cabin Socks Kit

In celebration of the recently released pattern, Log Cabin Socks (designed by Mara Marzocchi with Boundless Sock) I’m giving away this great sock kit! The kit includes a full color print out of the pattern and one skein of Boundless Sock in the new colorway, Surplus.

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your favorite snuggle object. A log cabin quilt? Perhaps an e-reader and bottle of port for you fancy types? Sweet dreams of a Cumberbatch/Freeman sandwich?

Share the giveaway on your favorite social networking sites for extra entries. Please make a new comment for each site (one entry per site, please!) A random drawing will take place Thursday, February 23rd at 12pm EST. I will contact the winner directly, but will also do an announcement here on Friday.

Comments are now closed for entry! Thanks for playing.

102 thoughts on “Giveaway – Log Cabin Socks Kit

  1. My favorite snuggle objects are my big, purple, velvety blanket, some (Play at Life) yarn, and needles, and a good movie to watch.

  2. I have a knitted afghan that a family friend made for us for our wedding. I love to put that over my blankets in the winter and snuggle up at night. Makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning!

  3. My favorite snuggle objects are (in no particular order) my kitties, my boys, my hubby, my nook, my knitting, and my pillows. What can I say, I’m a snuggler! 🙂

  4. Loved seeing all your work at Slater Mill. Beautiful! Fav snuggle up is my black Eddie Bauer blanket. It is nylon on the outside so the yarn moves with no issue. 🙂

  5. Favorite snuggle items: fluffy down throw in a rich maroon color, one large red tabby, and my kindle with some good books on it

  6. Favorite snuggling item humm , that is a tough one for me, because I can snuggle with a few things. I think REM sleep hits while holding something cuddlely so I would say a soft pillow or the hubby, one of my kids, the dog if he still and not trying to lick me in the face, the cat but its purring is a bit too loud at which it becomes a great alarm clock (0)_(0). In other words I don’t really have just one favorite I have many favorites.

  7. I love cuddling up under a rag quilt made by my mom. Unfortunately we just moved to Texas and there’s not much snuggle weather around here!

  8. Favorite snugglie thing, an cabled, bobbled, huge afgan my mother knit me. But to snuggle properly, you need a pot of tea and a good book (Kindle or regular). And for the last 2.5 weeks it helps to have the new grandson Jake under the afgan as well!

  9. My…A good cup of tea, curled up in bed under a warm quilt with the dog sprawled out over two thirds, my knitting, and a cheesy movie to snark at.

    And twittered.

  10. As a knitter and a quilter, it’s hard to pick just 1 favorite quilt. So I guess I would have to say my hubby is my favorite to snuggle with

  11. Wonderful offer! My favorite snuggle is my cat, Gambit. He is a purring machine, but not a snuggler, so when I do get him, it’s even more special as it’s not an “all the time” allowable snuggle. lol

  12. I snuggle with my little rescue puppy and my knitted dragon toy. If it is really cold fluffy socks or a quilted throw join the mix. 🙂 btw this pattern is really cool can’t wait to try it weather or not I win!

  13. My favorite thing to snuggle with is hubby – followed closely by the kitties and the Golden retriever who thinks he’s a lap dog (he does keep other snugglees warm though).

  14. My favorite snuggle objects are my afghan, a good book, and my cat. Unfortunately, I can have only two of the three now (no more kitty), but yes, those would have to be my favorites.

  15. My fav snuggle items are a squooshy skein of merino or merino/silk or alpaca, the eye searing rainbow blanket crocheted by MIL when DH was a kid, and a mug of hot chocolate. I love the colorway btw.

  16. My favorite snuggle objects are our big blanket, my husband, our husky, my knitting, and a full glass of red wine. 🙂 If I can get all five of those things in one place, my evening is perfect!

  17. I think my favorite snuggle thing is my big teddy bear I have had since I was four years old. He is a big brown bear that I named Boom Bear. I like to cuddle with him when I am feeling sad or lonely and he makes me feel better.

    Also shared on Twitter.

  18. My favorite thing to snuggle with is a stuffed lion my husband bought me the first year we were dating. That was over 12 years ago, and although it looks a little worse for wear, it is still my favorite.

  19. My favorite cuddly object would be my daughter, snuggled up on my lap with her “special” her little hand knit, toddler sized, blanky. Sound asleep and angelically perfect. I also shared on fb, twitter and g+. Thank you, great give away!

  20. My favorite snuggly object is actually a person. I still love to snuggle up with my kiddo when he will let me. He’s getting ready to turn 12 so it is a rare occasion that he will let me snuggle with him and watch a movie but it does happen every now and then. 🙂

  21. my favorite snuggle object is the awesome rice buddy my talented dd made for me. heat in microwave and put it on aches and it soothes them away!

  22. My favourite snuggle objects are my daughter (when she’s not wriggling!) and a very large toy hippo – bought when I was pregnant with afore-mentioned daughter but almost immediately adopted by me 🙂

  23. Hot cup of coffee, daughter’s hand-knitted socks, paintbrushes/pens/charcoal, any fleece blanky or bed comforter. Ultimate best- my grandsons, but I don’t get to see them often enough : (

  24. I love snuggling under my blankets on my bed. I don’t exactly have a certain cuddle object (yet. Hopefully my future husband will be the type to let me snuggle with him. lol).

    Now that I think of it, my grandpa has awesome, snuggly hugs that I love getting. =)

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