No Longer Waiting!

While Sandy was making her way through my neighborhood on Monday afternoon, I got the call I’ve been waiting an entire year for: a vending spot had finally become available to me at the Fiber Festival of New England!

Several of my friends had gotten spots last minute in 2011, so I put my name on the waiting list while I was visiting the festival that year. I didn’t think it would take the whole year to get to the top of the list. Despite the anxiety of waiting, I am incredibly excited to be attending as a vendor this year!

Thankfully, I have been stashing some stock away the last several months. I’ll have most of my fall Maki colorways in shawl and sock sets. And I was able to dye up some coordinating and contrasting neutrals for all those stripey shawl patterns available. I will also have some of those neutrals on Oona DK and some variegated colorways on squishy Jest Aran (perfect for winter accessories!) As always, I will have silk hankies for those you want to try something new. There will be plenty of extras available for those touchy-feely types who (like me) learn by doing. Scrumpet sock will be 30% off this weekend too!

Free copies of my Garter Path Shawl pattern will be available to those who make a purchase. Supplies will be limited though so stop by early. And please do stop by to say, “HI!” The more smiling faces, the better at booth #474/475E.

I hope everyone fared as well as possible through the hurricane. I’m sending lots of mojo and positive fixing vibes to those still cleaning up and waiting for electricity.

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    • Awesome post! Thanks so much for stopping by the booth. It’s nice to know people exist outside my computer 😀

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