Sneak Peek Mini Skein Giveaway!

P1060562As part of the Annual Big Summer Sale, I’ll be listing (Tuesday, August 6th at Noon!) a collection of mini skeins that includes some new variegated colorways! All but one of these will be hitting the shop in September.

P1060560From left to right:

Melon Baller

Phoenix Song

Gilded and Wrought

A test – probably not going to release this one

Faded Blooms

Holo Yolo


You can win these AND 6 more mini skeins in my newest giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win.



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10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Mini Skein Giveaway!

  1. oh my goodness! I’ve been waiting for these to go live! I absolutely adore the fourth test puff colorway, shame it won’t be going to the shop, i’ll just have to hope extra hard to win!

  2. i’m with Christina D — shame the test colorway isn’t going to be sold… it’s my favorite of the bunch… i also like the Faded Blooms

  3. I love the test skein color! Also the Gilded and Wrought (but I have so many things in that sort of colorway–trying to branch out).

  4. Oh dear. I like “A test – probably not going to release this one” best. : ) But a close runner up is Phoenix Song.

  5. Ohh…I rather love the one you’re not thinking of releasing 😦 It’s gorgeous (I know, it needs to fit the theme and all, but I had to tell you it’s beautiful, in hopes you’d bring it out at another time :D)

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