Nerd Wars – IT’S ON!

Have you heard of Nerd Wars? It’s a friendly fiber-centric competition held in a group (of the same name) over on Ravelry. Whether your craft is knitting, crochet or spinning; whether you’re a gamer, Dr. Who fan, or math geek, there’s a place for all nerds in Nerd Wars.

This is my first time competing and it was difficult deciding which teams to list as my first, second, and third choices. Members from previous tournaments get preference over newbies and some of the teams fill quickly. I got into Team Bazinga (my 3rd choice) this time. Fans of Big Bang Theory will be familiar with Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s favorite way to let his friends and colleagues know they’ve been pranked.  My team mates have been great! Fitting a project to a challenge and finding a team tie-in has been a blast.

Serendipitously, the day before the October challenges were to be announced, my oldest son decided he needed a hat. The pattern he chose happened to contain a stranded colorwork chart. Perfect! Rajesh Koothrapali is always wearing stranded colorwork knitwear on the show.

This project also fit in to the Power of Two, or Three, or Four challenge which requires participants to use either a variety of yarns in one project or the same yarn in different colors in the same project. Yes, that is a basket of laundry in the background.

One week into the first round of tournament 6, I was finished. It seemed too easy. Having revealed that my nickname (often used sarcastically) is Princess, I decided I must have a tiara. Crocheted in campfire colors, this project fit the Let’s Dress Up! challenge and our Team Unity project (campfire themed) and I ended up with a snazzy headband to keep my hair out of my face. Beautiful and practical, Amy Farrah Fowler would approve.

I went into Nerd Wars hoping to use up some of my sock yarn stash. But my handspun and spinning fiber stashes could use some paring down as well. I can’t wait to see what our challenges are next round!