FO Friday – Tripping Yarn Balls Stripe Study Shawl

It’s Finished Object Friday, again!

I recently finished my Stripe Study Shawl (designed by Veera Välimäki) using Shameless Twist Obedience sock yarn. Her Capricorn and Libra colorways are from the Tripping Yarn Balls collaborative indie dyer yarn club. Our theme is, obviously, the zodiac and we’re having a blast working together. And Jodi is a genius for designing two colorways meant for each other.

I added some beads to the edge to highlight the opalescent qualities of Libra. I only used one tube of beads, so they add a little bit of shine without a lot of weight. I love this shawl!


Thanks to everyone who entered the Log Cabin Socks giveaway! The winner of the random drawing was Jane of comment #86. Congratulations, Jane!

FO Friday – Epic Rainbow Socks

They’re finished!

My new rainbow socks started as 3.5oz of SW Merino/Bamboo Rayon/Nylon top dyed in Loud and Proud.

I spun on and off all summer of 2011 and into the fall. I felt like I was never going to finish. I lost motivation around September when I had only gotten through half the braid

I finally got the motivation to finish when I hung out with the RI Spinning Guild at the Fiber Festival of New England. Then I chain plied the singles straight from the bobbin. OY…this was the first time I’ve ever chain plied on a wheel. I probably should have done so with a bigger single, but I like to jump straight into the deep end when it comes to fibery pursuits.

I made yarn! I need to work on spinning consistently throughout a skein. I had a bunch of bumpy, slubby bits where the singles twisted up on themselves (pics below) but it was usable AND A RAINBOW!

I immediately cast on toe-up socks, two at a time, working from the inside and outside of a center-pull ball. I knit on them through December and into January.

I spun and plied this pretty hard for durability which didn’t make the knitting very enjoyable. And I knit the socks on 1.5mm needles so I wouldn’t call them soft either. But they’ll wear pretty well and they keep my feet warm but not suffocating like some 100% wool socks do. AND RAINBOW! I think I wore them three days in a row this week. I had to wash them for so I could get a close up pic of the slubby bits.

Shawl Inspiration

I am a big fan of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater, both Classics and Contemporary. I’ve recently been watching “Return to Cranford” and I’ve become inspired by all the beautiful, natural colored, sideways knit shawls the ladies wear.

Photo : BBC

Photo : Daily Mail

And of course, a quick search on Ravelry finds the Eyre of Romance Jane Shawl and several other shawls designed by Kay Meadors of Natural State Knitting.

Photo : Kay Meadors

I’m thinking hanspun. Maybe this Cormo I did a while back. It’s quite a bit thinner and could use another go through my wheel to tighten up some of the plying, but it’s perfect for a neck-thing.

I also have this for a smaller finished shawl. It’s shiny! So tempting!