Fiber Festival of New England 2018

Another FFNE is in the books. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say, “hi!”

I had awesome neighbors – Fishbelly Fiber Works, Three Bags Full Studio, Country Yarns, Molly Girl Yarn, A Hundred Ravens, Going Gnome, and Saori Worcester.

And saw my friends at Katrinkles and Dirty Water Dyeworks.

I saw some gorgeous Cormo gradient kits for mitts, hats, and small projects at the Subito Farm booth. They also had finished mittens for sale!

Lanart had beautiful alpaca socks. I managed to escape without buying a pair, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for them at other festivals. My cold-footed husband and son would love them.

My next show isn’t until 2019 at Slater Mill‘s annual Knitting Weekend. Hope too see you all there!

Inktober 2018

I’ve been feeling a little bored with myself and my yarn work lately. I thought doing something different would help, so I’m participating in this year’s Inktober on Instagram.

There are a few different prompt lists to choose from, but I’m working from the one Jake Parker put together.

I’m enjoying it so far! It’s fun figuring out a yarn-y take on the prompts. My favorites so far :

“Chicken” – Autodesk Sketchbook

“flowing” – Adobe Draw

“whale” – pen and ink

“guarded” – Adobe Sketch

“clock” – pen and ink

The Annual Big Summer Sale is Coming!


The Annual Big Summer Sale is coming!

I’m gearing up to list some new things including a small selection of 150g Maki, test colorways, and select Maki from the Come as You Are Tripping Yarn Balls club. These special items won’t be included in the 20% off sale, BUT they will be listed at a special price (some more than 20% off!)

Keep an eye out for sneak peeks of the Season 11 Yarn of Letters colorways. They will go live in September!

FO Friday – Askews Me Sweater

imageI finished my Askews Me sweater over a month ago and I’ve finally gotten some decent pictures! I loved knitting this.

imageThe foreground yarns were reclaimed from thrift store sweaters. The taupe yarn is 100% merino, and I believe the blue is a wool/acrylic blend. The background yarn is Lion brand Fisherman’s Wool which is suprisingly soft.

imageI’m not entire sure it’s the best shape for me. I’m kind of bottom heavy so I tend to stick to tops that are more fitted, but this is so comfy and warm that I’ve decided not to care if it’s a bit of tent. And it’s great with skinny jeans and boots.

Good news: I’ve been able to knit with no pain! I’m able to get in several rows in the morning and evening. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to any marathon knitting sessions, but as long as I can do some knitting, I’m happy. I was going a bit bonkers!

imageMy dog, Layla, really wanted to help me with this photoshoot. I’ve given her the “look” command in the first photo. I have my phone camera set to snap a pic when I say, “cheese.” It’s better than a timer!



Those Three Dreaded Words…

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Maybe…


I’m blaming these socks for the morning hand/arm numbness I’ve been waking up with lately. I guess knitting tightly on size 0s for several sessions each day is too much to ask. I took a break last night and I could already tell the difference. I’m putting these bad boys in time out for a while, and keeping an eye on it. I’m going to lay off knitting for a day (BOO) and I promise to have it checked out if it doesn’t improve with a rest. Pinkie swear!

Last Several Months Chez Play – Fall Fun

I’ve once again slipped out of the habit of blogging. Here’s where I admit that things in my brain have been a bit jumbled over the last several months and instead of doing a little bit of everything at a reduced capacity, I quietly decided to stop doing the less important things (like blogging.) I’d much rather keep the shop stocked with pretties and get orders out on time. Oh and knit. And according to my Instagram feed, also hike and bake. Fall is my favorite time of year! mosaic0485bd4683d785e42408df92f0ef4c5d6f0b8aef

Make Way for New Variegateds!

The following variegated colorways will be discontinued! I’ll be putting them in the Clearance/Discontinued section of the shop at $22/skein tomorrow, July 31st. An additional 15% will be taken off for the Annual Big Summer Sale (August 1-31.) Once they’re gone, they’re gone so get them while you can!


Variegated DiscontinuedTop: Not So Modest, Gilded and Wrought, Brandywine

Middle: Faded Blooms, Mummsies, Phoenix Song

Bottom: Malbec Time, Honeydew Kisses, Holo Yolo

Good News/Bad News

Yup, It’s price increase time. I’ve been putting this off for several months, but wool, silk, and cashmere prices keep going up! A store-wide price increase will go into effect Friday, March 7th. Semisolids and variegated yarns will go up ~$2 per base. Maki will get a tiered price increase with each base going up ~$2 now and another $2 in six months.

Now for some good news! I will be stocking more luxury yarns this spring. Alpaca/silk lace weight and sw merino/cashmere/nylon will be hitting the pots soon in Maki and coordinating semisolids. Samples are being knit as I type, but here’s a little sneak peek.IMG_7535

For those interested in heavier weight Maki, I will have DK and Aran gradient skeins in 50 and 100 gram sets. These will replace the DK and Aran weight striping Maki, but will give users way more options. It may mean more ends to weave in, but if you’re doing colorwork or stripes, you’ll have better control of where the colors change. And if you only need 150g, you won’t need to order 200g!

I hope you guys think the good news outweighs the bad (but predictable) news. I’m looking forward to a super-productive and fun spring with a WARM festival season.